Tony Glausi: Bad Boy (Live at The Jazz Station)

Innovative, hard-swingin original compositions for jazz quintet featuring some of the very finest jazz musicians on the West Coast: John Nastos (saxophone), Greg Goebel (piano), Dylan Sundstrom (bass), Chris Brown (drums), and Tony Glausi (trumpet). Released June 15, 2017 on Rent Party Records.


Tony Glausi & His Nine-Piece Band: One-Dimensional Man

ODM is an all-original record produced by trumpeter and composer Tony Glausi. It is nothing less than the impressive debut studio release of his nine-piece band, formed in early 2015. The ODM project was inspired by Herbert Marcuse's groundbreaking philosophical text, One-Dimensional Man, written in response to the rise of advanced industrial society, which he argues creates false needs and leaves us "one-dimensional" in our ability to both think and act. Throughout this album, Glausi and his fiery band explore the traditions of funk and hip-hop through a contemporary jazz lens, expressing via music Marcuse's frustration with our inability to think and act out of our own genuine free will.


Tony Glausi: Identity Crisis

Featuring 10 original compositions for small jazz ensemble, Identity Crisis is Glausi's debut jazz record as a bandleader and producer and conveys soul-searching, perseverance, change, and resolution through his uniquely inspired compositions. Band members include Tony Glausi (trumpet & flugelhorn), Todd DelGiudice (alto sax), Greg Goebel (piano), Lyle Hopkins (bass), Ken Mastrogiovanni (drums), Josh Hettwer (tenor sax & clarinet), Torrey Newhart (piano), Sean Peterson (bass), and Adam Carlson (drums). Says flugelhornist Dmitri Matheny: “Let the world be on notice: an exciting new voice has arrived.  I’m impressed with the conception for the project as a whole... I LOVE the sequence.  The high drama of track one, followed by the playfulness of track two, then the romantic lyricism of track three, and so on.  It’s just right.  The CD flows like a well-programmed concert or great meal.  And so many inspired moments.  At one point I thought, “this tune sounds like Booker Little on Candid!” then I noticed the title is ‘Longing For Little.’  Just beautiful.... Looking forward to repeated, deep listening.”


Ben LaTorraca: Septet & Quartets

This live album of jazz and blues classics includes favorites such as Closer Walk With Thee, Second Line, Take the A Train, and Sunny Side of the Street, all performed by an all-star band under the direction of pianist Ben LaTorraca. 


Adam Harris Quintet: Live at the Jazz Station

Featuring several compositions from both Glausi and Harris, this straight ahead jazz record receives much deserved attention and superb reviews. Band members include Adam Harris (tenor sax), Tony Glausi (trumpet), George Colligan (piano), Jon Lakey (bass), and Jason Palmer (drums).


Nancy Hamilton: Dreamsville

Showcasing unique and even daring repertoire, this remarkably beautiful vocal jazz album features the incomparable piano playing of Randy Porter, bass playing of Tom Wakeling, and trumpet playing of Tony Glausi. 


Ruth Theodore: Cactacus

Produced by Todd Sickafoose, this release by British singer/songwriter Ruth Theodore features her distinguishable songwriting style and honest lyricism. Her voice, guitar and piano, cocooned in soulful male backing vocals contribute a deliberate sexual tension, most prevalent in the abstract and moody ‘The Carcass And The Pride’.  Theodore’s string and vocal arrangements are deliberate and dramatic whilst Sickafoose softens her edges with depth and texture for listeners to reach out and touch.  Songs such as ‘Everything is Temporary’ and ‘Loop Hole’ refer back to Ruth’s much loved patch of land in Hackney and ’Scavengers’ is a playful but fierce social comment on the rapid influx of privilege to the arts in East London. ‘You Can’t Help Who You Love’ tells the story of a battle with cancer from the perspective of the carer which was four years in the writing, where as Kissing in Traffic and Wishbone are just out and out love songs. 


Tokyo-based Rei Mastrogiovanni (bass) with his younger brother Ken (drums) compose music for their original Ska-Jazz record featuring Tony Glausi (trumpet), Joshua Hettwer (tenor saxophone), Sam Dale (trombone), Luke Broadbent (guitar), and Torrey Newhart (piano).


Torrey Newhart's Obsidian Animals: Sound In-Sight

Newhart's sophomore release, this album portrays landscapes of contemporary sound through strong references to jazz traditions and classical chamber music. Band members include Torrey Newhart (keyboards), Tony Glausi (trumpet, flugelhorn, & cornet), Josh Hettwer (tenor sax & clarinet), Jessika Smith (alto sax), Eddie Bond (guitar), Sean Peterson (bass), Adam Carlson (drums), and Ken Mastrogiovanni (drums).


Sean Peterson & Laura Kemp: The Liaisons

This unique album of only the best vocal jazz standards is produced by Laura Kemp (guitar & vocals) and Sean Peterson (bass & vocals) and accompanied by Tony Glausi (trumpet, flugelhorn, & cornet) and Paul Biondi (woodwinds).


Gabriel Davila: Familia

His second album as a bandleader, this music tells stories of Gabriel's family and friends, showcasing his uniquely beautiful original music. Band members include Tony Glausi (trumpet), Josh Hettwer (tenor sax), Matt Hettwer (trombone), Lyle Hopkins (bass), and Ken Mastrogiovanni (drums). 


Jessika Smith Big Band: Tricks of Light

Featuring many of the best jazz musicians the Pacific Northwest has to offer, Tricks of Light premieres Smith's exciting new works for big band. Sidemen include the following: Jessika Smith (alto & soprano sax), Mark Taylor (alto sax), Idit Shner (alto sax), Steve Treseler (tenor sax), Josh Hettwer (tenor sax), Vanessa Sielert (bari sax), Dave Glenn (trombone), Jenny Kellogg (trombone), Joe Freuen (trombone), Bill Foster (bass trombone), Justin Woodward (trumpet), Vern Sielert (trumpet), Paul Krueger (trumpet), Tony Glausi (trumpet & piano), Steve Sharp (trumpet), Kyle Smith (guitar), Torrey Newhart (piano & melodica), Sean Peterson (bass), Dusty Carlson (bass), Ken Mastrogiovanni (drums), and Adam Carlson (aux percussion).


Lyle Hopkins Sextet: May 15, 2016

Canadian bassist and composer Lyle Hopkins leads a sextet featuring Tony Glausi (trumpet), Josh Hettwer (tenor sax), Matt Hettwer (trombone), Gabriel Davila (guitar), and Ken Mastrogiovanni (drums). This album features original compositions from various members of the ensemble. 


George Colligan & Theoretical Planets: Risky Notion

Known first and foremost a world-famous jazz pianist, this record is George Colligan's debut as a drummer. Band members include George Colligan (drums), Jon Lakey (bass), Joe Manis (tenor sax), Nicole Glover (tenor sax), and Tony Glausi (trumpet).


Red Pants Trio: Square One

This record culminates Red Pants Trio's first year together as an ensemble. Band members include Tony Glausi (keyboards & trumpet), Josh Hettwer (tenor sax & guitar), and Ken Mastrogiovanni (drums).


Torrey Newhart: Marmara

Featuring all original works for small jazz ensemble, Newhart's debut record draws insightful parallels between jazz and philosophy. Band members include Torrey Newhart (keyboards), Tony Glausi (trumpet & flugelhorn), Adam Harris (tenor sax), Sean Peterson (bass), and Adam Carlson (drums).


Josh Hettwer & Tony Glausi: Tosh

An ultimate pairing of musical minds, this duo of composers and producers team up to create a record like none other. Tony Glausi on trumpet, flugelhorn, piano, melodica, and flute and Josh Hettwer on tenor sax, alto sax, clarinet, guitar, percussion, and vocals.


Sean Peterson Ess-tet: Let It Show

Peterson's original compositions for small jazz ensemble showcase the talents of Tony Glausi (trumpet), Idit Shner (alto sax), Josh Hettwer (tenor sax), Paul Biondi (clarinet), Greg Goebel (piano), Sean Peterson (drums), and Jason Palmer (drums).