Jessie Smith Big Band

Local saxophonist and composer Jessie Smith got a big band together last month and recorded her debut album, Tricks of Light, which features her original big band writing (check out the indiegogo campaign). If you like swing and latin jazz, you'll dig this record, so check back in the summer to hear the final product!

Composer & Arranger - Jessie Smith / Studio Session Conductor - Steve Sharp / Sound Engineer - Lance Miller / Photographer - Jon Corona / Videographer - Adam Carlson

Saxophones - Mark Taylor, Idit Shner, Steve Treseler, Josh Hettwer, Vanessa Sielert

Trombones - Dave Glenn, Jenny Kellogg, Joe Freuen, Bill Foster

Trumpets - Justin Woodward, Vern Sielert, Paul Krueger, Tony Glausi

Rhythm Section - Kyle Smith (guitar), Torrey Newhart (keys), Dusty Carlson (bass), Sean Peterson (bass), Ken Mastrogiovanni (drums), Adam Carlson (aux percussion)