Miles Davis on Freddie Freeloader

I'm still in Miles mode after the gig last Thursday…His music is so fun and his vibe is so distinct. Miles was definitely one of the mostif the not the mostinfluential jazz artists of all time. Today I transcribed one of my favorite solos of his, Freddie Freeloader (click to see transcription). This is the second track off of Kind of Blue, which happens to be the all-time best-selling jazz record. Some of the most swingin stuff ever.

Photos—Miles Davis Tribute

Tony Glausi Quintet / photo by Jazz Alive Series producer Robert Sposato

Tony Glausi & Torrey Newhart / photo by Robert Sposato

Glausi with harmon mute / photo by Robert Sposato

Tony Glausi & Josh Hettwer / photo by Robert Sposato

Tony Glausi / photo by Robert Sposato

Josh Hettwer / photo by Raquel Vargas-Ramirez

Torrey Newhart / photo by Raquel Vargas-Ramirez

Lyle Hopkins / photo by Raquel Vargas-Ramirez

Ken Mastrogiovanni / photo by Raquel Vargas-Ramirez

Sextet with Jared Yakel (alto sax) / photo by Raquel Vargas-Ramirez