What Do You Mean?

I get to play lead trumpet for an awesome band based out of Portland called TopHat. We play lots of funk and also like to arrange pop hits to feature the wide variety of instruments and singers that we have. This hip video was just released last week - a cover of Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" Check it out!

TopHat's cover of Justin Bieber's 'What Do You Mean?' Jimmie Herrod - Lead Vocals, Cassie Beucherie - Vocals, Julie Or - Vocals, Alex Koehler - Bass, Corey Foster - Drums, Steven Skolnik - Percussion, Ben Turner - Fender Rhodes, Rollie Wirt - Guitar, Josh Clark - Guitar, Tony Glausi - Trumpet, Noah Simpson - Trumpet, Kristof Schroeder - Flute/Alto Sax, Reid Neuman - Tenor Sax. Recorded at The Rye Room in Portland, OR.


Extrapolation is a three-movement chamber ensemble work that I wrote to feature some of the remarkable trumpet talent at the University of Oregon. In the first movement you hear several motivic statements. The second movement begins with a free improvisatory duet, furthering these motives, and from there the piece unfolds as those original introductory melodies are developed. Read more about what went into this project here.

Music composed and produced by Tony Glausi. Recorded at the University of Oregon. Trumpeters: Aaron Kahn, Tony Glausi, Casey Riley, Alexis Garnica, Hannah Abercrombie, and Luke Harju.


Track 9 of Identity Crisis captured on video! Josh Hettwer-tenor sax / Torrey Newhart-piano / Sean Peterson-bass / Adam Carlson-drums / Cyrus Shiva-video.

This tune is about mending relationships. Each “metric modulation”—when the music becomes faster—represents a resolution between two people. 

There is Always Hope

Even in tragic times like these, there is always hope, and to help spread this simple message I have recorded a song I wrote that I would like the world to hear. These are the times that music is most needed--it really does heal the wounded soul--and for that reason I make this music for everyone. 

Thanks to my friend Mason Kline for the audio assistance!

In times of great tragedy, when words fail to heal the broken heart and the wounded soul, music speaks as a most powerful and uniting force, reminding us that there is always hope.