Tony Glausi & His Nine-Piece Band

L to R: Josh Hettwer, Devin Wright, Matt Hettwer, Jared Yakel, Tony Glausi, Gabriel Davila, Milo Fultz, Ken Mastrogiovanni, Torrey Newhart. Click album cover to meet the band!

L to R: Josh Hettwer, Devin Wright, Matt Hettwer, Jared Yakel, Tony Glausi, Gabriel Davila, Milo Fultz, Ken Mastrogiovanni, Torrey Newhart. Click album cover to meet the band!


About One-Dimensional Man (ODM)

ODM is an all-original record produced by trumpeter and composer Tony Glausi. It is nothing less than the impressive debut studio release of his nine-piece band, formed in early 2015. The ODM project was inspired by Herbert Marcuse's groundbreaking philosophical text, One-Dimensional Man, written in response to the rise of advanced industrial society, which he argues creates false needs and leaves us "one-dimensional" in our ability to both think and act. Throughout this album, Glausi and his fiery band explore the traditions of funk and hip-hop through a contemporary jazz lens, expressing via music Marcuse's frustration with our inability to think and act out of our own genuine free will. Videos and excerpts from the text can be found below.


The ODM Story: Music Videos & Excerpts

The Individual—

"The rights and liberties which were such vital factors in the origins and earlier stages of industrial society yield to a higher stage of this society: they are losing their traditional rationale and content. Freedom of thought, speech, and conscience were—just as free enterprise, which they served to promote and protect—essentially critical ideas, designed to replace an obsolescent material and intellectual culture by a more productive and rational one. Once institutionalized, these rights and liberties shared the fate of the society of which they had become an integral part. The achievement cancels the premises."


Slowly But Surely, We Will Fall—

"The mere absence of all advertising and of all indoctrinating media of information and entertainment would plunge the individual into a traumatic void where he would have the chance to wonder and to think, to know himself (or rather the negative of himself) and his society. Deprived of his false fathers, leaders, friends, and representatives, he would have to learn his ABC's again. But the words and sentences which he would form might come out very differently, and so might his aspirations and fears. To be sure, such a situation would be an unbearable nightmare."

The Great Refusal—

"Whether ritualized or not, art contains the rationality of negation. In its advanced positions, it is the Great Refusal—the protest against that which is. The modes in which man and things are made to appear, to sing and sound and speak, are modes of refuting, breaking, and recreating their factual existence. But these modes of negation pay tribute to the antagonistic society to which they are linked. Separated from the sphere of labor where society reproduces itself and its misery, the world of art which they create remains, with all its truth, a privilege and an illusion."



"The products [of a producer-consumer society] indoctrinate and manipulate; they promote a false consciousness which is immune against its falsehood. And as these beneficial products become available to more individuals in more social classes, the indoctrination they carry ceases to be publicity; it becomes a way of life. It is a good way of life—much better than before—and as a good way of life, it militates against qualitative change. Thus emerges a pattern of one-dimensional thought and behavior in which ideas, aspirations, and objectives that, by their content, transcend the established universe of discourse and action are either repelled or reduced to terms of this universe.  They are redefined by the rationality of the given system and of its quantitative extension."

Album Credits

Band Members

Tony Glausi—trumpet, composer

Matt Hettwer—trombone

Jared Yakel—alto saxophone

Josh Hettwer—tenor saxophone

Devin Wright—baritone saxophone

Gabriel Davila—electric guitar

Torrey Newhart—keyboards

Milo Fultz—electric bass

Ken Mastrogiovanni—drums

Track Listing

1. So-Society

2. The Individual

3. Unfreedom

4. Monadology (comp. Torrey Newhart)

5. The Great Refusal

6. Slowly But Surely, We Will Fall

7. Desublimation

8. IPA (comp. Matt Hettwer)

9. Pacified Existence

10. One-Dimensional Man



Nathan Alef—engineering

Tony Glausi—mixing

Ryan Foster—mastering

Cyrus Shiva—photography, videography

Julia Glausi—album artwork

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